Mountain of 3 crosses

The "Mountain of Three Crosses" nature park, at an altitude of 521 meters, gives way to a splendid view of the vineyards, the countryside and remote areas such as the Jura or the Morvan.
On the heights of Santenay
The Mont de Sène known as "The Three Crosses" reaches 521 meters at its highest point. It overlooks the valley and Santenay, offering a magnificent circular slide show of the vineyard and its surroundings: the hills of the Côte de Beaune, the Saône valley and the first foothills of the Jura, the Clunisois and the Mont Saint-Vincent, the Morvan and the Mont Beuvray.

The presence of several dolmens and of a temple dedicated to Mercury attest that the Mont de Sène was occupied by the mankind at the beginning of our era.
The three crosses (triple calvaire) were built on top of the cliff in the nineteenth century to replace a seventeenth century cross.

The Mont de Sène has been classed as a "nature reserve" since 1993, hardy plants and wild shrubs can be found there.
The Mont de Sène can be reached by foot.

Mountain of 3 crosses
Mountain of 3 crosses

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