Gourmet tours

Prosper Maufoux and "Vive la Bourgogne" you recommend 7 companies producing the best regional specialties and will be happy to accommodate you.
Vive la Bourgogne
Veuve Ambal:

Veuve Ambal is a family house founded in 1898 near Beaune that has become the specialist in regional sparkling wine. A guided tour that is fun for the whole family. Allowing you to discover the production site. Tasting of three different sparkling wines.


Les Anis de Flavigny:

Welcome to the land of Anise, welcome to Flavigny. Our candy conceals an aniseed in its heart. We invite you to find out about our long and enchanting history. (Visit free of charge)


Mulot PetitJean:

At Mulot et Petitjean, the gingerbread has been made in a traditional way for more than 200 years.In the center of Dijon, two sites welcome you to propose you a commented tasting.


Fromagerie Gaugry:

The Gaugry family, cheese makers since 1946, invite you to visit their dairy and discover how they produce their cheeses such as Epoisses, Ami du Chambertin...

From a gallery specially built for visitors you can witness how passion, tradition and modern techniques can combine with respect to quality and the environment.



Cassissium presents every aspects of cassis : historical, agricultural, economic and uses. Museum area, guided tour of Vedrenne factory production.

Tasting : cassis liquor with white wine, apéritifs from Burgundy, brandies... and a range of 40 sirups !


La Moutarderie FALLOT:

La Moutarderie Fallot invites you to discover this legendary condiment through two interactives and playful tours :

• The « Découvertes » Tour : Will make you discover gestures and traditions bound to the Mustard and to its history

• The « Sensations Fortes » Tour : will reveal you the current process of manufacturing


L'Or des Valois:

Installed in the outbuildings of Entre-Deux-Monts, the company stooges of Gold offers a presentation on the theme of the truffle. During the working dogs, we will explain the life cycle of this wonderful mushroom what truffles, and the operation of a truffle. The owner of the castle will present the history of the site and the architecture of buildings erected between the thirteenth and seventeenth century. We will offer this complete service around a large tasting or meal-based products derived from Burgundy Truffle marketed the store of Gold of stooges.


Gourmet tours
Gourmet tours

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