Cycle Path - Santenay

The ‘Canal du Centre' connects the Loire and the Saône. This is the ideal place to go for a stroll or cycle.
Boating Stop
The Central Canal was designed by an engineer, Emiland Gauthey, between 1783 and 1793. This waterway was intended to link the Mediterranean and the Atlantic together.
The canal had an important role in local industrial development: for Blanzy-Montceau mineral field, Schneider factories of le Creusot, Guegnon ironworks. It served as a communication channel for receiving raw materials and shipping processed products.

After the Second World War, it has been used differently: for fluvial tourism. Therefore, one can travel on water from the Saône to the Loire, and reach the Atlantic, the English Channel, the Mediterranean or the Eastern countries by the Rhine.

The cycle path runs for 22km along the ‘Canal du Centre' from Santenay to Chalon-sur-Saône. Many yachts follow this river. This bike ride allows you to enjoy the diversity of the landscapes.

It continues from Givry to Cluny (44 km) and from Cluny to Charnay-les-Mâcon (20 km), following the route of the old railway line.

Cycle Path - Santenay
Cycle Path - Santenay

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