With a great historical centre, Chalon-sur-Saône is a pleasant town located on the bank of the Saône. This town is a must : it combines culture, heritage and the pleasure of living.
Museum, Cathedral, markets...
The Nicéphore Nièpce museum

The Nicéphore Nièpce museum is located in Chalon-sur-Saône in the former mansion of the Royal mailcoach services, it has been built around 1750 facing the Saône. It bears the name of the inventor of photography, the institution is not therefore just dedicated to him. As a general photography museum, it attempts to explain all about the workings of a practice, since its emergence in the nineteenth century to its current developments. From the Niépce heliographs to the first colour photographs by Louis Ducos du Hauron (1868), from daguerreotype to tintype (photographs on metal performed by itinerant photographers and vendors in the nineteenth century), from analog photography to digital photography, from Pictorialism to French humanism of the 1950s, to the modernity of the New Vision in the 1930s, from street photography to the studio photography, the museum covers all of the "photographic" fields. The biggest names in photography have exhibited there: Robert Doisneau, Edouard Boubat, Lucien Clergue, Bernard Plossu, Sabine Weiss, Peter Knapp, Malick Sidibé...

The St. Vincent Cathedral

The St. Vincent Cathedral , listed as an historical monument, is the major building of the historical medieval centre of the town.

Listed as an Historical Monument since 1903, the St. Vincent Cathedral
is the former sanctuary of the diocese of Chalon. Built between 1090 and 1522, it possesses characteristics of both Roman and Gothic art
Roman Age:
- The chapels and the north and south absidioles
- The ground floor of the heart and the arms of the transepts
- The central nave arches and two side aisles

Gothic Age:
- The apse of the choir
- The Chapter House
- The chevet chapel
- The vaulted transept

It is located on the liveliest square of the old town. There are many half-timbered houses to discover. The square is a beautiful place to stroll and enjoy the sun. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the beautifully restored cathedral.

The Saint Vincent market Place

Every Friday (all day long) and every Sunday morning, a market is held at Place Saint Vincent, at the foot of the cathedral. 100 traders bring the streets of the historic centre of the city to life with their stalls: ready-to-wear, linens, leather goods, footwear, haberdashery, fabrics, hats, umbrellas, cosmetics and costume jewellery, bazaar... Not to mention the food products: fruit, vegetables, cheeses, poultry, fish, household goods...
A real institution, the market has livened up the city for over 1200 years.


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